Starting in 1995, we delivered and spread lime to local farmers on their fields and still continue today along with fertilize, liquid nitrogen, pesticides, herbicides, and seed.

  • Sinners Like Me3:52
  • The Dance3:41
  • Fire Away4:04
  • The River0:00
  • Anything But Mine5:24
  • The Grand Tour (Single Version)3:06
  • Ol' Red3:42
  • Traveller3:42
  • Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes3:18
  • Country Boy (feat. George Jones & Charlie Daniels)4:43
  • Choices3:24
  • Rodeo3:53
  • Parachute4:13
  • The Blues Man7:02
  • Like My Dog2:46
  • If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will) [Single Version]3:10
  • Good Directions3:35
  • Chicken Fried (Album)3:56
  • Should've Been A Cowboy3:29
  • Take A Back Road3:23
  • Blue Clear Sky2:54
  • 09 A Country Boy Can Survive0:00
  • Hank It3:00
  • Don't Blink4:47
  • She'll Leave You With A Smile2:44
  • Carrying Your Love With Me3:52
  • Beer Run (Duet With George Jones)2:30
  • I've Got Friends in Low Places4:20

We provide all of your crushed stone needs including but not limited to driveways, drain systems, foundations, highways, septic systems, etc. 

We are constantly doing new stuff (as mentioned before)....most recently we have acquired a drone and learned to fly it to take video of some of the different types of things that we do. Check out a couple of our videos below!!

Our newest addition to our fleet

We are always expanding our agricultural business. The latest addition to our fleet is a flat-bed chemical/water truck and a John Deere 4023R Sprayer.


A New Type of Agricultural Service


We have been providing extra trucks, hopper bottom trailers, and farm equipment to farmers who need extra help in getting their crops in during harvest. 

What we like

We always love sharing some of things we enjoy (besides working) the button to go check out our page!!

What we are doing

We are doing something at all times. Most recently we .....are tilling down some of the ruts made from the wet winter and wouldn't you know it... IT'S STILL WET


Our Services:

What's New?


  • Oversize Load Transport
  • Grain Transport
  • Fertilize Transport
  • Dozing & Clearing
  • Spreading & Spraying
  • Harvest Equipment Operators

Our Products:

Red Barn Farms

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  • Gravel & Sand
  • Lime
  • Septic Tanks & Feed Troughs
  • Grain
  • Fertilize

Before we became a fully functional agricultural service provider for south-central Kentucky, we have been raising cattle. Now, we have over 100 head on many different cattle farms.