Our next expansion was the purchase of a then dairy farm in Rocky Hill, Kentucky named the Wilkerson farm that was converted into land for growing corn and soybeans. 

New Farms

Home Farm

Lower Farm

We then expanded our cattle farms with the purchase of the lower farm about a mile down county road 1749 from our home farm.

Shields Farm

Our last and most recent purchase is directly across the road from the Wilkerson farm located in Rocky Hill on Highway 31W that was also previously a dairy and cattle farm that was converted into a crop farm as well. This was the named the Shield's farm. 

Wilkerson Farm

Soon after the purchase of the lower farm, we purchased a farm in between the home farm and the lower farm for more cattle.

Red Barn Farms

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Hickory Ridge Farm

Our farms started two generations ago on a small plot of land located on the warren county side of green river almost directly across from Wendiville, Kentucky. One side of the road held cattle while the other side was used for hay and growing tobacco.